These days, people have a lot of confusions about choosing a good domain. In this step by step guide, you will get to know how to get started with best PBN domain. Though you have missed out some of the effective domains, you are rest assured that you will never get the bad ones, after reading this.

Are you really interested in getting stared a PBN, then these points are a must-know for you..


I know there are most of you who are well aware of this , but its for the newbies who are at their initial stage of learning about PBN.


Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) may be suggested to check domains. However, the reality is that they can be tricked by anyone and they are not trusted at all. At Majestic SEO, the Citation Flow (CF) and Trust Flow (TF) can be found. You will want to pay some amount of subscription so you can see all the data and it is really worth of. CF and TF are considered to be very reliable and they are really hard to fake.



While checking the domains, you may have around 25 domains in them along with the TF of around 20. Such factors can still give you the benefits. The Trust Flow can either be on or on In Majestic, you will want to check out both of them. After finding a best domain which can truly complement both stats, itโ€™s time to review TF: CF ratio. Simply speaking, CF is the number of links referring to domain and TF is the quantity of juice you are getting from Google.

When CF exceeds its limit, the Trust Flow literally means that the domain features lots of Spam Backlinks and it is wise to avoid them. Divide TF with CF to compare them.

For example, if CF is 22 and TF is 20 – you will get 0.91 (20/22)

You may want to have domains which have 0.85 or higher ratio. Keep in mind that better domain always have higher value. After spotting such domains, you need to check backlinks of them. Open the backlinks to check whether they look spam and look at the domains and find out where they are from. Scrap the anchor texts if they are in foreign language like Chinese, and if they are mostly from those domains which have plenty of outgoing links. This will contribute information regarding the levels of spam done over that particular domain.

Also consider the CF and TF values of links. Scrap the domain if only a few links are shown which have good TF and keep looking. You need to have maximum number of good links in a domain. You can get some juice with a domain that has just a couple of good links. But if these links were down, you will no longer be able to get anything. So, your domain will be useless although you have 20 links. While checking the links, find out where they have been placed. On the homepages, links may get down faster than those links which are placed deep within the website. For example,

Now you have checked out everything in them. Take a close insight at the domain and the type of content. If domain was utilized as scam or PBN, it might be worthless. So, keep looking until a domain is found which undergone all the tests successfully and displays a real website at

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